He brought forth the odd artifact
from a small, very old, hand carved box.

That's when things went very weird.

Looking for something to add to your shows?
This will be the place to find shops and items of the
bizarre flavor.

Attention:  We have many items in our online
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Check out our new line of goth items including the

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Baba's Vo Du Ma Gick

Peter Marucci

Jim Magus


House of Fire

For the best in Gothic Music Radio

Tune into the Hidden Sancturay MP3 Station
The Eastern Shamans


Arlen Studio

Lee Earle

Flora and Company

Monster Makers - Fangs, Masks, & Makeup

Physician's Bags

Crazy Cat Gifts

Capricorn's Lair

Dark Myst Occult Supply Shoppe

Memory Boxes

The Old Curiosity Shop

9mm Special Effects

The Pyramid Collection

Lucky Mojo


Ian Rowland's Site


Black Hart Productions

Eugene Burger & Jeff McBride

Crypt Crawl

Carpet Bags

Jeannie Nitro -Goth Clothing

Hot Topic - Clothing and Accessories

Crucible Catalog - Talismans

The Lair of Darkness

Siren Clothes and Accessories

Information and links on Contact Lenses

Wild Eyes

Lens Quest

Propping Up The Mythos

Goth Cards

Do you have a link to a shop that I've missed or a prop you
think every bizarrist should know about? 
E-mail it to me for inclusion on this page.
The only requirement is that it be of interest to the bizarre
Also we will be taking reviews for products offered to the
bizarre community.

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